Our Principles

What we do and how we work is guided by 5 core principles.

Ours is an entrepreneurial culture. As an institution and as individuals, we act with Courage always, and hold each other accountable to do the same. Courage for us means taking smart risks and making tough decisions even in the face of uncertainty, above all, it means always doing the right thing.

We are Reliable team members, and our dependability is essential to get the best out of other team members and the firm. Integrity is the cornerstone of all our interactions.

We are Growth-Focused, acting always to foster a positive environment for growth and fulfillment for all our people and stakeholders – teammates, investors, investees, partners and host communities. We strive to create a safe, inspiring and vibrant environment for all to thrive.

We recognize that Impact is attained through successfully achieving our goals. We have a bias for action, always keeping intended outcomes in mind.

We value our people and their contributions, and this principle guides all our interactions. We also recognize that Teamwork allows us to achieve more collectively than we could individually.